Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Walk on the Pier

We spent most of the afternoon today house-hunting with our list of housing co-ops from the CHFBC website. Sorry to say we didn't take any pictures while we were scoping them out. That said, one aspect of co-ops is that you have a built-in block-watch program, so I am sure that if we were snapping pictures while driving slowly around these places there would have been about a half-dozen traces on our license plate by now. Who knows, maybe there are?

The M's in White Rock
The kids were pretty good about it, but they were definitely ready to stretch their legs by the time we quit for the day in White Rock.

We stopped for Smarties and hot chocolate along the way and of course some of the candy ended up as crow food.

You'll notice the kids were bundled up for a chilly autumn day, but of course the sun came out about as we were coming back from the end of the pier so we had to pause to get Madeleine out of her fleece jumpsuit.

Maribeth Can Crawl!

Yes folks, there was definite forward progress tonight on the floor. Now that both Megan and Maribeth have found 1st gear, we're going to have to really get on the older 3 M's to make sure their toys and things are put away promptly.

There has already been one incident of Megan partially consuming a glitter-covered art project. Without taking any pictures of the her diaper's contents, let us just say all that glitters is not gold.

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