Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Megan can pull to standing

:o She's been trying for several days and she finally got it! She got a big "LOOK AT MEGAN STANDING UP! YAY MEGAN!" this evening.

Not wanting to be left out - Maribeth crawled over to me and managed to pull up to a kneeling position on her knees and stayed there until I said "Look at Maribeth!". So after she got a "YAY MARIBETH!" she gave a us big grin, dropped down to her hands, and crawled away.

Now to try and catch them on camera.

Standing Up

The twins have also decided that they are big enough to eat what we are eating. Megan will still allow herself to be spoon-fed as long as she has something to hold, but Maribeth wants things she can pick up and eat on her own.

Twins Dining

New foods this week include turky noodle soup, pasta, mashed potato, bits of pancake, mostly frozen blueberries and whatever they can scaf up from the floor under the table. Yes, they have discovered that their sibs messy eating habits mean interesting things to snack on. As soon as they see someone eating at the table, they crawl under it and lie in wait.

Of course Melissa, Michael and Maddy find this hysterical. I, on the other hand, spend an inordinate amount of time sweeping the floor and, of course, crawling under the table to catch the babies and put them into high chairs. I can't very well encourage eating food off the floor.

This week we are "rowing": How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. For an activity today - we made an apple pie and we had apple pie and ice cream for a snack.

I had planned for the babies to eat strained apples and arrowroot cookes but they howled in protest - all the while eyeing the apple pie and ice-cream. So I gave in and they were right. They were ready for it. They eagerly grabbed and devoured apple pie bits from off their high chair trays and happily accepted tastes of vanilla ice-cream. From now on - no treat is safe. No more late night snacks with only the babies awake. Don't get food out unless you are prepared to share.


Gail said...

Awww! *hoping to see photos*

Now that I'll be dividing my time between Pennsylvania and BC, I'm going to be looking for photos on Flickr more often...


Allan said...

Hey - pictures posted now. They'll miss you too.