Sunday, October 03, 2004

Adorable Health Hazards

Children ought to come with a warning: "Hazardous to your health, baby cuddling may cause you to become ill with a wide variety of communicable diseases." The babies are adorable - but between diaper changes, spit-up and baby drool - they do manage to be efficient germ transmitters.

The kids were all sick last week with a tummy bug - either diarrhea or vomitting along with general gasteronimical distress. They are all better today and now I'm the one sick. Even with the help of Gravol - I'm not managing to stay hydrated enough for 3 - so the twins have had to already have an extra bottle each today.

The Hazards Themselves

Usually being sick on the weekend would be good because Allan would be here - but he is out in Hope today having Joe help replace our brake pads and make sure our van is ready for winter. So I am trying to muddle along here 5 very energetic children in between rush trips to the bathroom.

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mossflower said...

If you don't want to be hurt, just send them over here, I LOVE cute little hazards!