Thursday, October 07, 2004

'Twas the Week Before the Snip

Cheryl is threatening to record before and after photos of the modified equipment and post them on our Flickr pages, but since this is strictly a G-rated family blog, this is NOT going to happen.

What the clinic told me: "No anti-inflammatory medications for 10 days prior to the procedure."

What Cheryl told me: "Oh they tell you that because anti-inflammatories like Advil thin out your blood so it doesn't clot as easily .. basically it's so you don't bleed to death."

My reaction: "Ooog. First thay take a laser to my 'nads, and then I bleed to death. Fun."

What my friend at work told me: "Rent a stack of DVD's, get some bags of frozen vegetables, and prepare to be on the couch for a while."

What I'm really hoping goes right: "Cheryl will be able to keep the kids from jumping on my lap."

Quote from "Two And A Half Men": "Uncle Charlie, are you going to get all fat and sleepy like our dog did?"


Gail said...

So, when people ask me if you two are finished populating your kingdom, I can say yes?

Allan said...

Oh absolutely. There's only so much we can do to make up for the lack of production by our siblings. ;-)