Thursday, October 14, 2004

"My Daddy is having an operation!"

It is V-day. I'm getting ready to head off to the doctor's office for "the procedure."

Cheryl explained to the children the other night what was going to happen and for the children to not jump on my lap when I got home.

Apparently she made an impression because she reports this from yesterday's trip to the library:

"Michael was saying, loudly to anyone who would listen, 'These are my baby twin sisters. My daddy is having an operation! They're going to cut his tube thingy's so Mommy and Daddy won't have anymore babies!'"



troy said...

so you did it!!! ouch... glad you survived.

Allan said...

I was describing the procedure to a ex-pat Briton here at work. When I mentioned the doctor was going to use a laser he said, "So if he slips, does he get the sack?"

All's well that ends well I suppose.