Monday, October 30, 2000

Update from our new place

Hi Everybody! We now have all of our stuff here at the new house. Our friends Richard and Greg came by just before lunch yesterday and helped us move our final hold-out: the hide-a-bed couch. It was an item we had been dreading to move because this couch has been the bane of all our previous moves. This hernia-inducing piece of furniture hides its mass in a length and girth designed to barely fit through some doors and barely NOT fit through most! Amazingly Greg and I got it out the front door in less than 7 minutes! Even more miraculous, when we put it into the Caravan (sans bench seats of course) it fit with 3 inches to spare!

We did not get much unpacked this weekend, owing to just wanting to rest up after an exhausting week.

Our kitchen is the most unpacked room in the place (grown up-type room, that is), but there are still about 2 or 3 boxes of mystery items we have not opened yet.

Our bathroom is currently a very MANLY smelling bathroom due to an incident on Thursday when Melissa managed to bump Cheryl at a critical moment of unpacking, causing a bottle of my aftershave to fall and shatter on the floor. We have had the bathroom fan mostly on since then, but it's going to smell like Crossroads cologne for a while.

The kid's room has been unpacked and organized, but you wouldn't know it due to the frequent and random invasions of hurricane Melissa.

Our Sweet Baboo is transitioning from babyhood to toddlerhood very quickly. I have already mentioned her apparent weaning, but in addition to that the SB has figured out that the kid's room is her room: her toys are in it, her bed is in it, and her clothes are in it. At bed-time she even closes the door and lays down on her bed! If she's tired she falls asleep. If she's not, she stays there for about 10 minutes and then gets up and starts playing with her toys. I know because I can hear her talking to herself behind the closed door. I don't dare open it because if she see's me or Cheryl she thinks we've come to get her up for the day.

The big news for Michael is that he is starting to be able to scootch himself around on his blanket. I don't think he is strong enough to roll himself over, but he is getting there. The boy also managed to stop the whole show last night at the "Growing Kids God's Way" parenting class last night. Just after the break, Cheryl handed him to me because he had had his daily constitutional. I grabbed the wipes, a diaper, and a receiving blanket and retired to the back of the room with the boy. 5 minutes later I was still kneeling over him, wrestling with his diaper when the boy shot a projectile poop right between my legs! I could not believe my eyes! Right there between my knees was a mustard coloured streak about an inch wide and 7 inches long. Theresa, one of the facilitators, had to come over and clean up the mess because I was so shocked.

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