Tuesday, October 10, 2000


Hi everybody! Allan here. It's my first day back at work after a very long weekend.

We have re-arranged the house (again!) to accomodate the ever adventurous Melissa (see below). The office is now our bedroom / office. Our former bedroom is now storage space for all those goodies that the Sweet Baboo must not touch! The futon has been moved to our bedroom and Michael's porta-crib occupies the space that Melissa's once did.

I am going to talk to our landlords this month about putting linoleum into the kitchen and laundry areas. The number and severity of food 'accidents' instigated by the SB is increasing and the carpet is really taking a beating.

Cheryl has managed to stave off the bug(s?) that have been plaguing the children, but is not out of the woods yet. She is taking her vitamins once again and this seems to have helped. The picture you see is from yesterday when she was talking to the GMP (Grand Mom-Person).

Melissa had a very good time at grandma's (Allan's mother) house last night. She relocated about a half dozen CD's and tapes from one side of the living room to the other. This is an improvement as previously she simply dismembered any tape, Cd, or case she found.

The Sweet Baboo is recovering well from whatever bug it is that she caught the week before last. We noticed that her sinuses are drying, albeit slowly.

Melissa is still adjusting to sleeping in a bed. Cheryl says that she counted at least once last night that she heard a loud 'THUNK!' and then 'WAHHHH'. Cheryl also found the SB wandering around out of bed last night, but she isn't sure if it because the Baboo fell out of bed or got out of bed.

New words from the SB as of this last weekend: bathroom, go away.

Michael is filling out very well, as you can see! His last weigh-in at the doctors showed him at over 9 lbs. I think he's gained more than that!

Michael smiles a quite a lot now and spends long periods just staring at things. I'm not sure if he's being meditative, analytical, or simply awestruck. We'll just have to wait until he can tell us more.

Cheryl thinks this last weekend may have turned him around sleep-wise. Michael spent most of yesterday awake and was not awake as much last night as he has been.

The latest news about Michael is that he is still sick. Cheryl says that he has become even more snuffly and has a hard time breathing while nursing. We have gone through so much Dimetapp I am thinking of investing...

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