Friday, October 13, 2000


Hey! It's Friday! If you're a Canadian, wasn't it nice to have such a short week? You only had to put up with turkey sandwiches for 4 days instead of 5 :-)

For those of you readers in the US who weren't aware, we had our Thanksgiving holiday last Monday. I'm glad we don't have it the same time as yours or travelling for the holiday would be even more impossible than it is already.

Cheryl had a busy day yesterday. She took Melissa to the reading group at the library. Then they went to see our Doctor. Michael is progressing very well. Cheryl didn't tell me what he weighed, but I'm betting he is around 10 lbs now. After visiting the Dr. they did some shopping. Cheryl found some items for the children to wear on our Christmas visit to Maine.

Melissa was a very happy Baboo yesterday. Cheryl told me that Melissa only had 2 small tantrums, which is not too bad.

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