Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Drug deal went bad in our alley

Cheryl writes: I would have posted this last night except that I did not want to scare my parents, or post without talking to them first.

Around 10 pm last night there was a shooting in the alley in back of our house. Two men barged through our landlord's backdoor bleeding and needing help. They scared the 93 year old Grandpa really badly (his living space is downstairs) as they collasped bleeding on his couch. Our backdoor is right next to theirs, only ours isn't used (we don't have access to the backyard; just the front yard) so it could have easily been us. Allan had to go move our car for the ambulances and police cars to get ito the driveway and he actually saw the shot men as he was doing this. There were 3 police cars, an undercover car, 3 ambulances, and two news crews that showed up. The front of our house is on VTV and BCTV news today and will probably also be in the local papers. The shooting was due to a drug deal gone bad in the alley behind the house. Apparently a man living 2 doors down from us has been arrested (but that's only hearsay).

Anyway, I would like prayer for our landlords and their Grandpa. They are all very shook up. These people have lived here for 45 years and the way the neighbourhood is going is really scaring them. I would also like people to pray for us as we need to find a safer place to live that we can afford. We are sure there are 2 drug houses on our block in addition to the prostitutes on the corner a half block from our house. They are there even during the day now. There are used condoms on the sides of the road. Allan took Melissa for a walk in the backpack last night around 8pm and came back scared. He ran into drunk people and more prostitutes. We are in a 2 bdrm basement suite now, so I can't imagine anything smaller, but I would prefer to be more crowded than keep living in this part of town. This is not a good place to have kids.

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