Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Melissa Listens

Melissa has been listening. This isn't really new. It is something we have observed from time to time over the last few months. I know she knows when we are talking about her but those times when I want her attention, I could go blue in the face calling, "Melissa" before she would deign to notice me.

Last night was a prime example: as I was doing the dishes I looked across the counter and said to Cheryl that I was glad that Melissa had not figured out how to get into the cupboards. Cheryl, sitting on the couch nursing Michael, told me that Melissa got into the cupboards all the time. She nodded her head at the cupboards below the counter; her attention on Michael.

I clarified, "I meant the cupboards above the counter."

In reply Cheryl said that she did not think it would be long before Melissa figured out that she could push her high chair anywhere on the linoleum and climb up onto whatever counter she wanted to. I had to agree and went back to my dishes. Not five minutes later, behind my back, and while Cheryl was occupied with Michael, Melissa scooted her highchair over to the microwave, climbed up it, and tried to get into the container of chocolate cookies from grandma!

I turned at the commotion. "Melissa!"

The would-be cookie plunderer didn't even flinch. She redoubled her efforts to get into the plastic container. So near and yet so far! "Enh! Enh!" she whined.

After I had scooped Melissa off her high-chair, I said to Cheryl, "You'd better not give her any more ideas!" All I got from the couch was a laugh.

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