Thursday, October 26, 2000

Putting Down Stakes (After A Very Long Portage!)

It has been a long time since I have worked as hard as I did yesterday. I pulled the bench seats out of the Caravan and loaded it to the gills about 8 times. I don't know what I was thinking! You have no idea how much capacity these mini-vans have until you take out the benches!

Yesterday was a very long day of moving. We got started at about 9am and wrapped up around 10.30pm. Cheryl and Michael stayed at the old house to finish the packing we had begun on Monday. To prevent more "accidents" with permanent markers, Gail took care of the Sweet Baboo at her place in Vancouver. I shudder to think of the carnage visited upon her apartment... (by the way you can visit Gail's M&M pages for more pictures of Melissa and Michael)

Our old house still has some coat hooks that I have to remove using our cordless drill. Once I have done that I am taking the drill over to the new house so Cheryl can start putting together our book shelves. I also have to do the final cleanup at the old house, plus fixup any damage to the walls with drywall patch. I think we have the right colour of blue for touching up the wall paint here and there, but these things are never spot on...

Cheryl has arranged for the carpets to be professionally cleaned. We checked with our landlady and she had them cleaned before we arrived, so it is only fair that we have them cleaned before we go. That and nobody really wants to find out that those funny patterns on the rug are actually regurgitatory artifacts deposited by our sweet baboo.

The new house is truly that: new. It is in a new subdivision about 6 miles south of where we were living. Construction on the house itself was only completed in the last 3 or 4 months. It is of the style west coast modern. Some may like it, some may not, but I think that it is a style that is simple and neat and not hideous. We are in a fully finished basement suite and this time we have linoleum in the kitchen area. Yes! We have a room for the children, a room for us, and a room for the office; so this is good too. Storage is not abundant, but adequate. The faucets are of the single lever variety. You can use 1 hand and be pretty much guaranteed of not starting the flow at a scalding hot setting. I am also told they are a modern sort that don't use washers, so no leaks!

We are storing our bicycles outside; below the stairs that come down to our entrance. Only concern is that they stay dry.

We are not going to post our new address here. Please remember that one of the Internet's strengths is that it is open to all. This however is also why you ought to be careful. If you would like our new address and phone number please email us at this address

Cheryl and the Giant Duffle of Cloth Diapers! - 1

Cheryl and the Giant Duffle of Cloth Diapers! - 2

We are thankful and grateful to the GMP for providing us with cloth diapers: some of which are the newfangled kind with velcro fasteners instead of pins. We had no idea how many diapers we had until Cheryl started stuffing them into one of the monster LL Bean duffles we were given on our last visit to Maine.

Staged Sibling Photo - 1

Staged Sibling Photo - 2

Melissa has always been fascinated by Michael. I think she considers him a big animated doll. Her sentiments however, have not always been returned. I suppose we are hoping that they will learn to like each other if we do things like this enough. They probably will; at least on camera.

Sling Me a Grin

Michael was fussing and we never did get the shot we wanted. But at least in this one he doesn't look like Melissa is poking him with a stick again.

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