Friday, October 27, 2000

No Title

Hey, no title today. I spent some time last night at the old place cleaning out the fridge and stove and washing walls in the kitchen. The stove was the toughest part. All the stress of the last few weeks led to more than one burnt sauce on our poor stove. It took me a good long while to scrub off the blackened remains of several meals.

Cheryl got much of the kitchen arranged yesterday. I got home to find the fridge on the other side of the room than it was when I left. The dishes have been unpacked, as have the pots, pans, and utensils. It's really starting to take shape.

Meanwhile, the pile of boxes outside our door is growing. I guess I shall have to spend a good half hour this evening with a knife breaking them down.

Due to yesterday's activities Melissa did not get any bottles at all. The good news is that she did not complain. Could we have dodged the weaning question altogether thanks to moving? We shall see...

Today's cartoon from non-sequitur

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