Monday, October 23, 2000

Toddler + Moving =...

Chaos!! Melissa was initially upset on waking up to boxes and packing material all over the house. After her bottle and a diaper change she had a chance to re-consider the situation. Her mind quickly grasped what must be the purpose of all this confusion: To mess up the house as much as possible by emptying every cupboard and corner, moving things around, and drawing on things with markers. WHAT FUN!!! What a great activity!!!! I can do this TOO!!!!

So off went Melissa, intent on her mission to empty cupboards, shelves, drawers, and redistribute their contents; to decorate our toilet, numerous boxes, the carpet, a blanket, and herself with a marker pen; all the while scattering toys, bottles, raisins, and a scrounged nutrigrain bar all through the mess already on the floor.

She is currently unloading the shelves near the front door; having been divested of her marker, she now reigns over the chaos with her new scepter: the TOILET PLUNGER!


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