Monday, October 16, 2000

Get your flu shots!

Good morning. Hope everybody out there had a safe weekend...

Be sure and get your flu shots! The season seems to be starting early this year. Lots of sick people in my office. At home, Cheryl has been battling a bug for the last week. She was tired over the weekend, but doing alright. Melissa seems to be over her bug, but Michael is still Mr. Snuffleupagus.

By the way, Cheryl told me that Michael weighed 11 lbs 14 oz at the Dr's on Friday! We have a big boy!

Late breaking news. Melissa went BLEAH on Cheryl this morning, while Cheryl was giving me her state of the union address. I guess the Sweet Baboo is still sick.

I did get a chance on Friday to talk to our landlords about the linoleum siutation. The reason why they put carpet into our kitchen is that under the carpet is bare concrete. If they had put linoleum in, it would have made for a very cold, damp floor. At the time, they found the options to insulate the floor to be very expensive, so they went with carpet. Pending my investigation on how expensive those options are these days, I guess we're stuck with carpet in our kitchen.

Posted by Cheryl

This morning while I was on-line, I narrowly avoided a disaster. Things had been remarkably quiet for a while. Michael was sleeping in his bed and Melissa (when I left her) was looking at books in the living room. Then I heard the baby fussing, then quiet, then more fussing. Upon investigation, I discovered that he was covered in toddler board books (thrown into his bed by Melissa); also in his crib was the cupboard lock from the cupboard under the bathroom sink! Ack!

Just then Melissa rounded the corner and headed straight for Michael's bed aiming the bottle of glass cleaner! I left poor Michael covered in board books crying while I confiscated the bottle, re-locked the bathroom cupboard, and shut the bathroom door. I think my cleaning products are going to move to top closet shelf now! Yes, I know, I should have done that already.

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