Friday, October 20, 2000

I have my new sling!

After all this talk about baby slings; I had to get one. I have on OTSBH (medium) which just arrived at my door an hour ago. I'm so excited. I'm finding I'm having some difficulty with adjusting it..."just pull the tail" Ha! It's not that easy. I think I will have my dh help me this evening, because he can read the directions, look at the photos and tell me if it looks right. (No, I don't have a mirror, just a little one at face level).

Michael, wasn't too impressed initially. He was hungry, so I tried feeding him in the sling. It sort of worked because it helped support his body. I still had to use both hands to feed him; the sling doesn't seem to get his head quite high enough and he doesn't stay on while nursing. I think as he get's a little bigger this problem will vanish. I also discovered that he gets very upset when he can't see out or if I stop moving around. I think he got upset with me trying to position him so much and adjust the sling o try different positions, so I finally put him in his baby swing. I think he'll enjoy it more when I haven't completely annoyed him trying to figure out how this works.

Melissa loved the sling before it was out of the wrapper... something new! She shrieked with delight when she could see her brother's face in the sling. I carried her around in it with her on my hip and she loved it! She can see and reach everything I can! She was really upset when I put her down because she was trying to "help" me type this post.


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