Thursday, November 24, 2005

Raising Readers

Overheard today - Melissa to Maddy as Melissa was trying to teach Maddy sounds of letters.

"Maddy - at first you won't like to try and learn to read. You might even hate it. But then you will learn more and more and then you will LOVE it and then you will want to read all the time. Like me - I didn't like to learn to read either and now I LOVE to read...."

She's doing really really well with her reading right now and has taken a big cognitive leap. Yesterday - it was quiet so I went to see what was up and Melissa had the other 4 kids on the couch listening to her read easy reader books. Michael is also really starting to be able to read some of the easier easy reader books as well!

The "NO TV during the day until you both learn how to read" rule that we put in place last month is working!!!

We locked the TV up so they can't get up before me and turn on the TV or turn it on when I am not looking. We do still have family movie nights and I usually put on a 30 min video - Mr. Rogers, Baby Einstein or the like so I can make supper but lately Melissa and Michael are reading books, drawing pictures, writing notes/stories ect while the video is going!

Melissa wrote me a note yesterday "I want to clene the bathroom". Actually she wanted ME to clean the bathroom and but she did help - she was right - the bathroom needed cleaning desparately!

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