Sunday, November 27, 2005

Raising Readers, Part II

My parents spent a LOT of time reading to the twins. Megan has really, really latched onto books. Overheard today as Megan sat with a book "reading" to Maribeth "The Man and his Dump truck" where the man picks up a bunch of animals. That's one of the books my Dad read to them a lot when he was out here!

"Mar-bef - I read you book" Megan opens book and starts "reading" while turning pages. Maribeth sits next to her and listens intently.

"a truck...a going...animals"
"a pig Oink! many pigs? Oink"
"a dog woof woof"
"a duck QUACK"

Maribeth says "book!" and tries to take it away from Megan.

"NO! No! I READING!" says Megan and grabs the book back.

"A cat meow"
"animals going truck"
"WEEEEEEEEE" (as the animals slide down the dump truck)
"A bye bye" (as the animals get off)
she repeated all the animals sounds!

So cute! Megan is amazing me with her language - they will be 22 months next week. Maribeth is not talking much BUT she's getting "read to" a LOT.

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Gail said...

Maribeth will end up like Einstein: when she finally does speak, it'll be in full, grammatically correct sentences.