Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Look what Cheryl found!

.. when she went in to use the bathroom! None of the bathroom lights were on except the nightlight and the door to the bathroom was shut.

Maribeth loves all things Dora, so it's not all that surprising she had Madeleine's electric Dora the Explorer toothbrush. It's not every day though that you find your youngest child sitting in the sink with her big sister's toothbrush!

Cheryl notes that Maribeth is quite the climber since there were no step-stools or chairs in the bathroom for her to boost herself up to access the sink.


Mama Bird said...

What a talented little monkey!

Do we have a future dentist here, LOL?

Gail said...

I suppose there are worse things you could catch her doing than brushing her teeth in the sink. At least she's not sitting in the toilet, right?