Friday, November 04, 2005


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Our friend Richard took this from his window. I miss seeing sunsets over the water from that window. He had a great view. We miss Richard too.

Today is a busy day. I had my appt with the surgeon this morning - I will need surgery to remove my gall bladder. This will happen sometime after Christmas and his office will be phoning me with a surgery date when they get one.

Allan is picking up our van from the repair shop today - assisted by Gumpa; who also watched the kids while I went to my Dr's appointment. This required Gumpa picking Allan up at work, taking him to the shop, realizing (a) the shop doesn't take VISA and (b) Allan didn't have his wallet anyway. So they came back HERE to pick up a cheque from me. Thank goodness for Gumpa or Allan would have been bicycling a LOT this afternoon!

Here at home we have been busy relocating Michael into the girl's room and setting up his room for my parents' visit. Their room is now set up! Beds made, desk for the laptop, lamp, etc.

The initial plan was that Michael would sleep on his Bob the Builder couch but a test run showed he is now FAR too tall for that! We've made the top bunkbed up with all his Bob the Builder bedding. Melissa has moved to the bottom bunk for the week. That leaves Maddy, as the shortest, with the Bob the Builder couch. She actually was so excited about the couch that she slept on it LAST night even though she didn't have to!

Despite the great progress that has been made, there is much to do before sunset. Cooking for potluck, cooking for supper, laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, dishes and more dishes.

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