Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It's 7 am and the kids are milling about upstairs already. This is the 2nd morning in a row. All thanks to falling back from Daylight Savings Time. Phooey.

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Cheryl said...

Well - I took nighttime cough and cold medicine to help me sleep. I woke up at 10am.

The older M's actually stayed quiet so that they could find and locate their candy bags. Then they ate most of their candy for breakfast and drank all the juice.

The twins were what woke me up - they were crying a MAD kind of cry in their cribs - which means someone probably went in there with candy and didn't share. I don't think they were awake all that long though - we really wiped them out last night and they still seemed kind of sleepy - just outraged!

So of course the twins had to have candy in their high chairs right away. It's 11am and we are not having cereal and milk for "breakfast".