Monday, November 21, 2005

"Cheryl is a hottie"

Site statistics show 134 hits as of last Saturday night / Sunday after posting pictures of Cheryl. That is 4x our usual volume over the last month or so. So there you go. Cheryl is officially a "hottie".

Our previous highwater mark was 99 hits total for the day back on September 19, a 3 post day:

The Curse of Mediocrity,
Maddy's 'new' toy kitchen, and
Remember this book?


Cheryl said...

silly! That's because I linked to it on several of the parenting/homeschooling boards I"m on!!!

Qwerty said...

But you're still a hottie...
You have to be, you're related to ME!

Mama Bird said...

But of COURSE! ;-)