Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Holiday Decorating

The lights are up. I got the boxes of decorations, ornaments, and lights out of the garage on Sunday, but I never did get around to putting up more than just a few of them. I put the box in the corner of the dining room and hoped that the twins would not get into it. Thankfully they didn't, but the elder 3 M's have been campaigning with their mother to get the lights on the wall.

Each night since, I managed to avoid looking at the box in the corner, until tonight when Cheryl (very casually) mentioned the kids wanting to know when the lights were going to be up.

So I have been up on the step stool most of this evening with a roll of masking tape, putting up our two strings of lights near the ceiling. This has been my practice for the last 5 years because it's best to minimize the opportunities for small hands to have at the lights. We've probably got another few years before the allure of all the little light-bulbs wears off for the M's. For that reason alone this will probably turn into a tradition which we will all forget the origins of.

After I had the lights up I still had all of our tree ornaments to put up. You've already seen our tree, so you'll understand why that was not an option.

It was more a random thought (and in truth, desperation) than any inspiration that led me to start hanging the ornaments from the lights, but once I got started, the more natural a solution it seemed to be. As Kipling would have said, "And if you think about it, you know it must be so."


Cheryl said...

The older kids already had the Christmas light on when the twins and I came down the stairs this morning.

I wish I had thought to have a camera there to get their reactions. They slid down the stairs ran into the living and stopped still and speechless staring at the blinking lights around the livingroom.

Then they got the biggest grins and started to clap and cheer "YAY, YAY". Followed by running in circles around the living room checking to see how far the lights went. Then Megan climbed into the rocker and just sighed with happiness "lights!". She sat watching them entranced.

Maribeth stood still in the middle of the room until a voice said "Hey Maribeth - there's a button up here that that makes the lights go....."

Gail said...

Uh oh. Sounds like you need CCTV.