Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Walking in a cloud

Walking in a cloud
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Thick thick fog today - extermely limited visibility and cold.

The perfect day for a foggy day adventure! The M's were SO hyper this afternoon that we packed up for a walk in the fog. It turned into an almost 3 hour adventure. The kids LOVED it:

"Everything looks different in this fog" and "This is the best adventure EVER!"

We saw a lot of construction equipment, a small rushing stream; we bought a few groceries, a small Christmas tree, a long sleeved shirt for me; Maribeth lost her Robeez bootie, we re-traced much of our steps looking for it, gave up and went to the consignment store to use our store credit on a pair of shoes for her to wear home (2 sizes big so they can grow into them). Then we actually found the booties on our way back home!!!

We walked home in complete foggy darkness - well - I should say RAN! Being that there are precious few sidewalks - we all ran for our lives for driveways when we saw car lights approaching in the fog! I think we need to get some reflective vests or something!

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Mama Bird said...

Sounds like an adventure to remember!

BTW, I believe that Michael's new police dress-up costume has reflective stripes on it that look like they might be the "real thing".