Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween with the MJE's

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The twins were sheep. They even said, "Baaaa! Baaaaa!"

I got to be "Little Bo Peep". The kids wanted me to dress up too. (With apologies to Allison - but the dress from her wedding was the closet thing I could think of for a costume on short notice.)

Michael was a puppy dog. Melissa was a ferocious tiger in the costume Grandmommy made. Maddy was the "queen bee." Everyone but Megan let us paint their faces too! As Attie Gail can attest, this is a real breakthrough! The M's have previously refused any sort of face painting at every fair or event we have taken them to!

We headed out with the twins in the wagon; which proved to be a bit cumbersome getting up sidewalks to doors. But they simply aren't ready to walk yet. Hopefully next year!

We managed the co-op and the neighbouring cul-de-sac before Maddy said, "I want to go home." This was shortly followed by the twins getting into a great battle over candy in the wagon.

Despite the fact we didn't cover much ground, they got a GOB of loot. Plus we have over half of the candy we bought to hand out left still. It was cold and drizzling rain and we just didn't see as many treat or treaters out as we expected to.

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Mama Bird said...

Wow, the facepaint really makes a difference!