Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Melissa makes a decision

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She has switched from Junior ballet where she was the youngest and the only new student in the class this year - to musical theatre - a class comprised of other 6 year old girls.

Instead of a sad and scared Melissa, after class we got the happy, bubbly, bouncing Melissa.

"I LOVE my dance class! It's so much fun. I simply ADORE it!"

The downside of course for the parental units: new shoes. Specifically, leather "jazz style" dance shoes in black. Not the newly purchased ballet slippers.

A quick visit to the consignment store and we traded the twins' 18-24 month like new Black Bow Robeez (which they don't make anymore!) for dance shoes for Melissa.

The twins walk so much now that with the fall weather we have them wear "real" shoes when we are going out of the house. Robeez are only for IN the house to keep little feet warm and socks on.

However - we'll hang onto those ballet slippers because it's already a tight fit to get Maddy's feet into Melissa's old pair of ballet slippers!

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