Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Walking Alone at Night

I love walking alone at night - at least when I'm not having nagging thoughts about very bad things that might happen to a woman walking alone at night. Statistically speaking - it's not THAT dangerous though. Well, it depends where you live I guess. I'm generally more cautious about these things now that I have children. Though I'm not actually SCARED of walking alone in the dark - I feel like I SHOULD feel scared.

In the summer - it's not so much of an issue at all - but now it is getting dark earlier and staying dark longer. So that leaves walking or bicycling in the dark (morning or night) or NOT EXERCISING OUTSIDE AT ALL! I can do videos in the house but it's better for my mental well-being to actually get outside!

So after Allan-who-pulled-an-all-nighter-last-night and the kids were tucked into bed - I set out on foot for the library. I had items that were due today and 1 hour left to get them back. It's a shame to take the van for something that takes me 20 min to walk or 10 min to bicycle. Bicycling was out as my headlamp has dead batteries. I need to get rechargeables for it really. It goes through AA's so quickly. Allan thinks I need a higher quality headlamp.

It was a lovely peaceful walk - I saw some stars out, crisp cool air. Nothing really scary. Then had the fun of browing the library by myself. Putting requests in for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books - all checked out and one one I'm 8th in line! It seems the movie has really increased the demands for these books! I did manage to get the ONE Douglas Adams book in the library branch "The Salmon of doubt" published post-humously and in an unfinished form.

Other books I brought home with me include
"Welcome Home - Travels in Smalltown Canada" by Stuart McClean (of the Vinyl Cafe)

"Safe Kids - Safe Families" by Samantha Wilson. I'm hoping it will help me to navigate the troubling waters of what to let the kids go do by themselves and when. Allan grew up with considerably more freedom than I did but with both turned out o.k. (well - yes - I admit that is open to interpretation and some might not consider walking alone at 9pm at night in the dark to be "o.k." either!)

The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus.

Ambitious aren't I?? But since everyone else is asleep - I'm going to go curl up with my books and a cup of Camomile tea.

BTW it was a lovely walk home in the dark by myself.


Mama Bird said...


LarryandJean said...

I have to agree that walking at night can be very peaceful and relaxing. One gets the sense of being alone with one's thoughts and one's God.

To my daily prayers will need to be added that God gives you protection for your walks.


Gail said...

A suggestion: when you leave the house by yourself, take Allan's phone with you... if you feel unsafe, you can call someone, or even pretend to.

Allan said...

The problem is that Cheryl loathes (and I am not understating the reaction) the Blackberry interface. At least on the 6750 that I have. It's black and brown boring, and certainly not intuitive as far as she is concerned.