Monday, October 10, 2005

Random Thanksgiving thoughts

I got up at 8 this morning and got started right away on the pot-roast, never having made one before. It turned out okay, more or less. Witness that I am taking the paltry left-overs to work tomorrow and that will it for the pot-roast. You'd have thought we would've got a week of meals out of it for sure.

Dad stopped in at 11 for Thanksgiving dinner. It's the first time in weeks that we've all been at home for a meal together, so it was a special moment.

After lunch, Cheryl took the twins for a nap then settled down for a short cello warm-up as it was orchestra practice tonight. Dad and I went out to the garage for my bi-monthly haircut.

It's a familiar and intimate ritual - Dad has been cutting my hair since I was around the twins' age. He and I have had some good heart to heart talks while he was cutting my hair. A little later on Michael came out, having decided that he was too cool to watch the Beatrix Potter DVD from Gail with Melissa and Madeleine. Of course he got his hair trimmed too. He sits very well for a five year-old. I can only hope he will remember these occasions when he is my age and my dad is long gone.


After Dad left, we got the twins up, piled the kids into the van and went to Serpentine Fen for a short (4 km) walk. The fen is partly natural and partly man-made. It started out as farm which was reclaimed with dykes from a brackish marsh on the Serpentine River. It is now managed by Ducks Unlimited as the Serpentine Wildlife Area (SWA), where the dykes are used to create and manage multiple marsh habitats in the same area. Ducks Unlimited also 'farms' some of the fields to create forage for migrating birds.

Thanksgiving Ramble
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Thanksgiving Ramble
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.


I walked out to the dumpster tonight (it's packed to the gills by the way) with the last load of garbage from today's activities and noted the stars were peeking through the overcast. I hope this weather-system clears out soon. We could use some wind to clear out all the fallen leaves.

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Cheryl said...

hmmmm - funny thing but there's plenty of leftover mashed yams and jello/kool whip dessert....