Thursday, October 20, 2005


I seem to have caught the latest virus from the twins. Miserable cold, horrid sore throat, coughing and I think it's leaning towards sinus infection. Of course as they are feeling better - that's when I start getting sick!

poor Allan though - he's so swamped at work and he comes home to a diaster zone.

You know the joke where the SAHM just doens't do anything all day and her dh says "what happened" because the house looks like a War zone and she says "I didn't do what I do all day"???? Well...that's what Allan came home to!

I did some "school" with the kids from laying down but not a full day's work. They barely ate today and no proper meals, sippy cups everywhere. I had twins running around the house eating cold left over corn on the cob.

Poor Allan - he just got them to bed. I've managed to load the dishwasher and throw in a load of laundry but that doens't make a dent in this mess. ugh. I'm hoping he doesn't come down with this! Plus it's Maddy's birthday on Sabbath- so I really need to be better for that!

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