Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Twins Are Growing Up!

Look at my teeth!
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

They are not "babies" anymore - but little girls! I thought all their fussing while Melissa and Allan were gone was just because they missed them. Well it turns out some of the crankiness was TEETHING! You can see they have almost full sets of baby teeth now - with new teeth still cutting through almost every day. The new teeth have changed their faces to look more like toddlers / little girls and not like babies.

They are adding new words every day too - including animal names and sounds. A favourite is, "DUCK - QUACK - QUACK"!!!

They also have started to sing. They enjoy music so much that I've started checking out children's music CD's from the library to play. This week's favourite across the board with ALL the M's is Raffi's "Playtime" which includes the Beatles "Yellow Submarine".

Yesterday Megan found a "Jesus Loves Me" flag that had somehow escaped from the Sabbath School supply box. She was walking around the singing, "Jesus wuves ME ... ooohh oohhh ohhhh," over and over again while waving the flag enthusiastically.

Today at supper Allan sang, "oh, oh, oh, Alligator Joe".

Maribeth sang back, "oh, oh, oh, DADDY-gator Joe".

The reaction impressed Maribeth enough for her to give an encore performance!

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