Saturday, October 15, 2005

Childrens choir Concert

Children's choir
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Maddy is the shortest girl standing in the wrong place between two boys. She was supposed to be on the end as they were supposed to be arranged by height. Maddy was adorable and perfectly behaved even during some 'techinical difficulties' in the beginning.

Melissa is 3rd from left in the line of little girls in pink ponchos. She was looking and acting very much like a 'big girl' today.

Michael was supposted to be be in the middle of those girls. He didn't want to stand by girls, pitched a fit at practice, and ended up not singing at all.

The concert ran for about 2.5 hours and was a Heritiage singers themed concert with most of the musical numbers being music performed by the Heritage singers at one time or another.

Our children's choir sang 4 numbers which an additional 2 numbers being performed by the older members of the choir - the bigger boys and the older girls wearing the blue ponchos.

Megan and Maribeth alternated between behaving properly, fussing, charming strangers, and playing shy. They finally had simply had it after 2 hours, so Melissa and I took them downstairs to run around in the fellowship room where people were setting up for the food fair.

At the food fair I was pre-sold combo plates from our church. Allan was a bit put out: "Hey what about all the OTHER tables". But it turned out to be a good thing as the Aunties at our church table offered to give us our plates of food before the concert let out! Which meant by the time the chaos of several hundred hungry people poured into the fellowship room our gang was almost done!

I don't know WHAT possessed me but I let Melissa take $5 to spend on desserts. She bought (big surprise!) chocoate cupcakes, with chocoate frosting and smarties on top! I had removed the girls ponchos before the meal, but their brand new white shirts got quite messed up as did the twins' new pink outfits. I'm now running laundry as penance.

The boy has remained somewhat grouchy all evening (with the exception of a brief period when then chocolate cupcakes were handed out!) Maddy's declaration that, "Michael was being BAD this time and I was GOOD in the concert," was not exactly improving his mood. He finds it hard to believe now, but a time WILL come when being asked to stand next to a girl will NOT be considered torture of the highest order!

Another side-note to the activities today: we caught Maddy going around inviting people to, "come to my house for my big birthday party next week..."

ACK!!!!!! Filipino birthday parties are HUGE deals where EVERYONE is invited. We are NOT planning on doing that anytime soon and don't have the space or finances to throw that big of a bash. We have had a talk with Miss Maddy about that and a chat with the Aunties at church. Instead, we will be bringing a giant cake and big tubs of value priced ice-cream to church potluck next Sabbath! The whole church can sing to her then.

We stopped and ordered the cake on the way home: a full sheet (Barbie) cake from Save-On-Foods.

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