Sunday, September 04, 2005

Maple Flame - revisted

I looked out our window today at the maple across the way and noticed that there are more red and orange leaves than there are green. Compare the photo below to the ones I took back on August 17. I think I'd like to get a thermometer for out kitchen window so I can start logging the temps here too. According to Environment Canada, it's 13 degrees C out at YVR. I think it's closer to 11 or 12 here.

Michael had some more fun this afternoon learning how to ride his new scooter. He kept falling over until I got him to focus on just going in a straight line. He did much better after that. I'm quite proud of him because after one particularly spectacular wipe-out (which prompted the only crying of the afternoon), he got back up and kept going.

Michael on his new scooter - Michael says that the antennae indicate he is 'dressed up'. I think that means he's wearing a costume. Marker on tractor-feed printer stock - by Michael, aged 5
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