Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not for the faint of heart

Disclaimer - do NOT click on the following link if you are:

  • Vegetarian (Beth, Allie, and Debbie, this means you)
  • not Asian (or at least unfamiliar with Asian cuisine)
  • a memember of P E T A (it's a joke, 'k?)
  • actually eating food

With apologies to Harry Chapin

This post is dedicated to AviatorDave - gourmand and funny fellow that he is.


Mama Bird said...

Okay, call me weird but even though I AM vegetarian, am not Asian, and am drinking water (sorry PETA), I found that absolutely HILARIOUS! to apologize to "Her Majesty The Cat"...

Sunny said...

Actually that was about as gross as my recent dog blog for those who got it. Which I found pretty funny but maybe I am the only one who thinks so.