Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Please pray for AviatorDave

Words are not adequate to convey the depth of emotion attached to the following facts:

David Fielding (AviatorDave), who asked my sister Gail to marry him almost a year ago, is now caught up the fight of his life: a fight for his life.

Barely 4 weeks ago, Dave checked himself into the hospital because of a cough that would not go away.

Photos taken during a biospy revealed a 4 cm mass on his left lung.

At the time we all hoped it was just lymphoma, but the diagnosis came back as limited stage small-cell lung cancer.

Over the last few weeks, Dave has had to endure the effects of an aggressive dual campaign of radiation and chemotherapy.

As of this week however, the strategy has been revised because the cancer has now spread to David's spine. We are now dealing with "extensive" instead of "limited" and any hope for a "cure" has been replaced with hoping for "remission".

Dave's Logbook

We have come to appreciate and love Dave over the last year. His humour, intelligence, and obvious deep care and respect for Gail won us over.

Gail and David have a lot now, but there is a lot more for them to look forward to. We want them to at least have that opportunity.



Sunny said...

I know. I've been following the saga with bated breath. Please tell them the extended family is praying for them.

Whyme said...

That is a loving tribute. Well done. I keep hoping things will get better.