Friday, September 16, 2005


So since I was up until 2:30am last night - what happened this morning at 6:40am?? Allan - bouncing into the room waking me up for my bike riding. He managed to wake up the M's in the process. Realizing that like it or not - I was up - I squinted and stumbled myself ready to go.

Then I opened the door - rain - lots and lots of rain. Cold rain - not nice summer warm rain. I looked at Allan - now sitting at the table with his laptop and said "it's RAINING - you didn't tell me it was RAINING". I don't even have fenders on this bike. But I went. I rode in the morning in the rain, cold rain, on roads surprisingly full of large transport trucks, to Curves, worked out and rode home.

Now I EXPECTED Allan to be ready to head out to work on HIS bike - but no. He had dressed nicely in professional clothing and had his laptop case. Traiter. Sending me out on a wet, cold bike ride and not going himself.

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