Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to Michael...

Happy Birthday to Michael...
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Michael turned 5 years old today!

Both Grandpa AND Granny stopped by earlier in the day. Grandpa came over before work and Granny arrived just as he was getting ready to go. She brought something new for all of the kids and 2 new outfits for Michael.

He said "Thank you" politely, but didn't really co-operate with actually getting dressed up in the new clothes for a photo op. Every photo taken had him making a gagging face!

We celebrated just family at home for supper. What a supper though! Vegetarian pasta casserole, herbed rice, tossed salad, BBQ chicken wings, steamed broccoli, juice, fresh cantaloup, and rib steaks roasted with potatos. The latter not being in the plan until I realized the potatos were in dire straights and had to be cooked today.

Michael had several small gifts from his sisters (read: from Mommy and Daddy, but wrapped by Maddy and Melissa) and a surprise package from Maine with a whole bunch of goodies - the biggest hit being super-capes for Michael and his stuffed elephant "Toothbrush".

The huge surprise of the evening was Michael's big gift. I had ordered him a scooter from an online store...late at night...after taking an antihistimine or two. (No I'm not a closet drug user - Allan doesn't want me to give people that Idea. I do have the misfortune to both react badly to insect bites while being extremely attractive to biting insects). The computer also froze at the time - leaving me to finish the transaction WITHOUT my online receipt. When the box arrived - I had the M's decorate it but did NOT open it!

When Michael opened his "big present" - we were all shocked to find TWO scooters inside! A quick check of the packing slip confirmed that I had ordered TWO scooters not one! Hmmm- that explains why that VISA charge was so much higher than I had thought it was going to be. The 2nd scooter was officially dubbed a "family/sharing" scooter - but Maddy just isn't co-ordinated enough right now, so functionally it's Melissa's scooter. She is thrilled and convinced that was THE reason I would not giving in to her cajolings to tell her what Michael was getting!

Of course the scooters HAD to be tried out, so we all headed outside and over to the co-op playground. There Maribeth surprised us all by climbing UP the slide ladder by herself!

Maddy, who was already tired, soon got very frustrated at only falling over and pitched a bit of a fit. We came back inside and her behaviour landed her INTO Megan's high chair. A very thrilled Megan sat up with the big kids in Maddy's place.

Maddy chippered right up once she had a bowl of cake and ice-cream!

But the mess - oh the mess! Sticky EVERYWHERE! These kids are about the messiest kids I have ever seen. The twins had been stripped to their diapers in anticipation of the mess - but even so their cloth diapers were soaked with ice-cream and smeared with cake, to say nothing of their skin and hair!

That is par for the course but what was even worse was that I was just as bad! I dumped pasta and salad down my front at supper. This was follwed by cake and ice-cream down my front at dessert and there was not one child close enough to blame it on.

"And WHO is the messiest eater children?" asked Daddy.

The gleeful chorus, "MOMMMY IS!!"

It's been a good birthday - but I really need to hit the shower!


Gail said...

Hilarious! If I have time tonight, I'll post some side-by-side photos from his previous four birthdays and dig up a video :)

LarryandJean said...

Great pictures! Great video - many thanks for sending them. We really enjoyed Michael's birthday "from a distance" thanks to all your efforts.

GMP and I actually had some praline frozen yogurt last night - in honor of Michael's birthday, of course!