Sunday, September 11, 2005

Eerie Singing in the Night

Update on the Tinkle Tunes Potty: It works!

Cheryl and I heard some scuffling upstairs last night after the kids were put into bed. The girl's room is right above our office, so we assumed it was Melissa and Madeleine messing around again. (We've been working with them for months to settle down after lights out.)

And then this tinny tune came wafting down the stairwell. Arrgh! They must be fooling around again with one of the baby's toys or maybe a singing greeting card (Michael got one from Granny for his birthday).

Cheryl said, "Someone's awake up there. You go deal with it."

I went up the stairs and lo, the potty was there just outside our bathroom, beeping merrily away with about a cup of urine in it! I rinsed it out and the singing stopped as soon as the water diluted the urine sufficiently. As to the urinating culprit, Melissa said it was Madeleine. Oh that we could have had the singing potty sooner!

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Jo said...

YAY!! How exciting and that is just too cute!