Friday, September 09, 2005

"Little Playzone with lights and sounds"

"Little Playzone with lights and sounds"
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

I can now stick our twins somewhere safe and turn my back for a bit! This is the playzone plus 2 extension kits. Just the playzone by itself is the size of one of the older square playpens.

I saw this online and went an a major search for a retailer in Canada. No luck. Then another search to find someone who would SHIP to Canada. The cheapest shipping I could find was from $46 USD - compared to the next lowest price of $78 usd from an e-bay seller - that was a steal. We did get stuck paying GST on delivery - so our total cost ended up being double what it would in the USA. At times like this - I just repeat - "but we didn't have to pay for the twins NICU stay...." over and over.

So far the girls are happy in there. They only tears so far (it's been about 40 min) have been a scuffle over one of the attached toys. This without the "lights and sounds"! I didn't buy batteries with it as they charged an obscene amount for batteries - we'll get more re-chargeable ones.


Allan said...

What size batteries and how many?

Gail said...

My friend recently paid off the costs of the birth of her first child. She just had her second.

I've seen David's hospital bills. His hospital stays are covered by his office's medical insurance, but WOW -- his first four days last month came to over $15K.