Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

and more shoes! This time for Melissa! After a number of years of very slow growth - Melissa's feet have suddenly had a growth spurt! From size 9.5 to size 12 over the course of the summer! Today we realized all her black dress shoes from last year were too small (but they fit Maddy!), her runners purchased a month ago - also too small! Even her SOCKS are all too small! It's time too move to sock size for girls size 11-4 instead of girls size 5-10!

So Melissa and I went out in search of much needed shoes and socks! She has new runners, new black "Mary Jane" style church shoes and another pair of "school" shoes. Black but not "church" style. I'll have to photograph them tomorrow. They are Melissa's favourite and will look good with a skirt and tights. She also picked 2 new packages of socks. All her old socks, shoes, and sandles will be passed on to Maddy (or saved for Maddy).

Melissa is a caring big sister. She really loves Maddy and was genuinely sad that I wouldn't buy Maddy new shoes too. Then we passed the toy dept and Melissa saw the VERY thing to cheer Maddy up! "Look Mommy! There are little scooters with TRAINING WHEELS and they are ON SALE!!! Maddy would like that Mommy - because she already feels left out that she can't go on a scooter like we can. I know I don't like to feel left out and it makes me sad when Maddy gets left out. Then she will also feel left out if I get new shoes and she only gets old ones. Michael got new shoes last week Mommy. ".

Now WHAT could I say to that? I'll tell you what I said. "Now you think Maddy would rather have pink or purple?" She's good, she's really good. I taught her everything I know about comign up with arguements other than "but I want it". Allan says I should be afriad....very afraid.

Scooter photos to come tomorrow but there were a couple of happy little girls here tonight. Yes - we got Maddy OUT Of bed to see Daddy put together her new scooter!

Oh - one more purchase - I bought a pair of size 10 jeans. My 12's kept sliding down and "showing Mommy's UNDERPANTS!". Wooo-hooo!


Tara said...

What excellent news you skinny thang you! ;)

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