Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Melissa is off!

The beanie was 0.99 cents on ebay
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Last night she stayed with Grandpa and Grandpa Edwin. This morning they were off to the airport headed for Boston. Then up to my parents place in Maine followed by south to PA for Gail and David's wedding.

This was taken yesterday and is NOT her traveling attire though Baby Jub did go with her. While we miss Miss Melissa it was nice having the kids ALL ASLEEP and a quiet house by 8:30pm and to wake up the next morning again to a quiet house. Michael was awake but playing quietly in his room by himself instead of the usual shrieking and door slamming!

We noted this when Melissa went to Maine before - removing Melissa drops the noise level by down to about 25%. This time I thought it wouldn't be so drastic as the twins are still here. But still it's WAY quieter than normal even with the other 4 children up!


Sunny said...

hope she has a safe and good time.

Jo said...

Isn't it amazing what one less child does for the household calm? LOL. I hope she has fun and you guys enjoy your time as well. If you're anything like me here soon you're going to start missing her and wishing it was noisy again. ;)