Monday, August 01, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Over the past 2 days we have:

- painted all the trim on our townhouse
- washed and then painted our fences
- dug out the dead rhododendron root balls and planted new plants
- cleaned out and organized our garage

- Allan worked on the kids' bikes. Melissa and Michael are moving up to bigger bikes (but don't have training wheels yet!). Maddy will be moving onto Michael's old bike. The rusty bikes, Melissa's old pink bike and Maddy's old tricycle have been pronouced "dead", had parts that might be useful for repairs removed and have been disposed of.

- Helped the kids clean and declutter their rooms
- Sorted through all the kids clothes in dressers AND off-season and too small / too big boxes. Donated several huge bags of stuff as well as toss a bunch of stuff
- sorted through boxes of files/papers older than 7 years and shredded/recycled a bunch of stuff and kept a few important things.
- Allan's done a ton of small around the house fix-it projects
- I've done the usual laundry/dishes/house cleaning
- I stopped for groceries AND produce and got more peaches and blueberries processed and frozen!
- Monday morning was the 1st day of VBS - all 5 kids attending with me helping lead out the preschool group
- We prepared crafts for the next 2 days of VBS
- Did our MS Money entries and monthly budgeting. Good thing too because the next couple weeks looking really slim due to all our Home Depot runs!

My parents phoned mid-afternoon to let me know they were back from the reunion. I attempted to explain all we were in the midst of - my mother's comment "You must not be so anemic anymore". I hadn't thought about it - but I think she is right. My energy level is definately higher than it has been in a long, LONG time. I guess getting back on my iron supplements and multi-vitamins actually worked! So does getting sleep. The twins cut a few teeth through last week and have actually SLEPT through the night several nights in a row. A welcome change from waking and fussing every hour or two!

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Jo said...

WOW, and what time will you be showing up to help me pack and move? :D I'm glad you got so much done and you have so much energy. Hopefully it lasts and you feel well.