Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A day of firsts!

Melissa had her first filling at the dentist today. They have been watching this spot on her back molar for a couple of years now. Today Dr. H suggested that we should get it done now - so they went ahead and did it. She did WONDERFULLY! It helped that they had cartoons for her to watch during the procedure! I am so proud of her! I have never had to have a filling - so I can't relate at all. Plus Melissa was on her own for it as I was having my teeth cleaned in the next room and Allan had the care of the younger M's elsewhere.

Michael did not get in trouble for anything he did today. That's a rare occurance around here! Now he DID get in trouble this morning for having got the watermelon bowl out of the fridge and eating it in his BED in the middle of the night. But today he was cheeful, helpful and even took it upon himself to organize all the shoes in the coat closet near the front door!

Maddy - I am sorry to report - drew on the wall and pooped in her underwear for the first time in several weeks. BUT she did help with cleaning up the first time she was asked one time today! (That's practically a first!)

Megan went POTTY! Yes - you heard it right - MEGAN went potty. At supper I asked Maddy if she had to go to the potty. Maddy said no. But Megan said, "Ay - yah - pee pee."

I asked her, "Megan do you need to go pee in the potty?"

Megan said again, "Yes - PEE PEE," more insistently.

I took her down from the table and carted her upstairs to set her on the little potty seat on the big potty. She grinned and sat and said, "pee pee, pee pee!" And then she WENT pee pee!!!

M1, M2 and M3 had followed us to the bathroom and they found this hysterically funny.

"A baby on the potty - a baby going pee on the potty!!!"

Maribeth was jealous of the attention. She tried to push Megan off the toilet - saying, "GET DOWN!"

Megan said, "NO. pee pee."

Maribeth glared and pushed Megan again. Megan pushed back this time and said, "GO 'WAY ... pee pee."

I decided to just put Maribeth into the tub as both girls were in need of a bath anyway. As soon as she was undressed and in the tub - Maribeth promptly went pee pee herself - while Megan commented, "pee pee baby," again. Quite the show!

Melissa wanted to get a picture but by the time she had the camera figured out - both twins were in the tub.

Maribeth also had a first for the day - BOOTS!! I stopped at Value Village to find some legging/tights for bicyling and found the cutest little pair of blue rain boots in just Maribeth's size! We have handed down rain boots of course and a new pair from L.L. Bean - but all were at least 2 or more sizes too big for our Bitty-Beth.

Maribeth tried her best to get them on in her carseat the whole way home. When we got home - she tromped around in them for quite some time. It was completely adorable! Reassuring to me too as so far the only shoes Mini-Beth has kept on her feet have been Robeez. Everything else comes straight off.

Megan was jealous of the boots so we hauled out the bigger pair of new yellow rain boots. Megan liked to hold them but once they were on her feet - she pulled them off with great protestations and then put her own pink sandles back on saying, "Shoes, dis SHOES," with great satisfaction. Already I can see who we are going to have problems getting to dress in weather appropriate clothing!

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LarryandJean said...

What a hoot! Who would have thought that they would show any interest this early. As for the stripping - it comes with the territory. Luckily, they tend to outgrow it before too much embarassment occurs.