Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dinner Cruise

We survived a dinner cruise on a motor yacht WITH all 5 M's! Usually the company Allan works for has a BBQ and/or picnic in the summer but this year they decided to have a dinner cruise around Vancouver instead!

Having not had the foresight to bring life jackets OR toddler harnesses - I almost went mental trying to keep tabs on our active crew aboard a 3 level boat with things like open windows and decks with just cables around them and plenty of room for M's to hang out over or under and scare me to death climbing up on.

The twins were not generally impressed with the situation. They certainly were not appreciative of the nice table settings and were frustrated by attempts at walking on a boat: though their unsteadiness was quite comical. They got downright cranky about being confined to being held in one's arms or their backpacks.

Melissa, Michael and Maddy enjoyed the fancy table settings, and used their good table manners as well. At least most of the time!

The older M's had a wonderful time and were upset when the boat ride was over.

It was a perfect day to be out on the water and the ever changing views of Vancouver and the harbour were spectacular. The route we took was pretty simple: we went from the marina at the Plaza of Nations in False Creek, out into English Bay, around Prospect Point, into Coal Harbour, into the inner harbour at the R.V.Y.C., and back again. On our way we saw a very wide variety of watercraft - rowing dinghies, dragon boats, sea kayaks, water taxis, the new aquabuses that let you take bicycles, small sailboats, multi-million dollar super sailing yachts, fishing boats, huge container ships, and every kind of motor-boat imaginable.


Sunny said...

Oh, now see, that would have scared me to death with little kids and no life jackets. I'm scared of HEIGHTS for pity's sake! On the other hand, a cruise sounds delightful under the right circumstances.

Nova said...

U have really beautiful kids :-)

Cheryl said...

The last paragraph was written by Allan - it had to have been - I didn't write it!

Allan said...

Allan? Allan who? ;-)

Gail said...

"...the new aquabuses that let you take bicycles."

Um, hate to break it to you Allan, but the Aquabus ferries like the ones from Hornby Street to Granville Island have ALWAYS taken bicycles.

It's the False Creek Ferries fleet that I think doesn't have the platform-style boats that take wheels. Although that may change.

Allan said...

Been a while since I've been downtown I guess. It's cool nonetheless. Apparently Calgary is still the most bike-friendly city in Canada, but Vancouver must be catching up now that you not only can take your bike on the aqua-bus, but also on the sky-train.