Friday, August 05, 2005

Highschool girl quiz anyone?

This one strikes me as very high school-ish in the questions and it's been a LONG time since high school - but I'm getting into these online quizzes.

I have to offer my usual protest: I am NOT an artist!

People view you as a Loner Artist. Loner Artist are exactly as their title says, loners and artist. Now you are not alone by choice but many people find you odd. This only bothers you when you're in a public place like a dance club or a crowded lunch-room so you tend to steer clear of those places. You might have a friend or two but they're either Loner Artists like you or Truly Dark. Fear not! So many artists are not appreciated in their own times!

What Do People Truly See You As?


Anonymous said...

Is not your music an expression of your inner artist? Hmmmm, got a point there...

My results were rather boring, I thought, but then it's been a loooong time since highschool so I had to guess at some of the questions (like what I'd do in a dance club or bar):

"Many people see you as Truly Nice! Congradulations on being a nice, smart, and generally a happy person! It's hard to find nice people nowadays!"

I wonder if the mispelling of congratulations has some sort of deep, subtley highschoolish meaning...


Sunny said...

But honey, you ARE an artist. Music is a type of art. I'd like to see how your mother's test turns out.

Jo said...

I got Loner Artist too. :) I agree that your music makes you an artist so accept it and shoosh woman! ;)

SBH said...

I am a "dreamer"