Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sale on Sandals

Megan's feet outgrew all her shoes over Saturday night. On Sabbath, they fit. On Sunday morning, they didn't. So I headed out to Walmart Sunday evening in search of somthing to tide Megan over until she grows into the footwear I have saved in their "grow-to" box. Note that the twins are now the age Maddy was when I got pregnant with them. However, Maddy's feet were bigger! So we have a gap in shoe sizes.

I was thrilled to find that Walmart employees were marking down sandals that very evening to clear them out for back to school shoes; though finding the right sizes was quite a challenge! Megan and Maribeth got Dr. Scholl's pink sandals in a size 5. A bit big for Maribeth now - but her growth spurt usually happens a couple weeks after Megan's. Maddy also got similar Dr Scholl's walking sandals in a size 10 (again a touch big, but she's wearing them anyway). For Melissa - I found a nice pair of size 12 church sandals as she is outgrowing her size 10's. Michael got a pair of holographic flip flops for $2.

When I got them home to the kids the reactions went like this ..

Megan: "Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!" - while walking around gleefully in new sandals that fit.

Maribeth: "NO! NO! NO!" - while sitting down to remove the offensive footwear.

Maddy: "I love my new sandals! Thank you for buying these new sandles for ME!"

Michael: "But I already HAVE sandals"

Melissa: "Oooohhh pretty! Are these for the wedding or do I get another pair? .. Did you bring me anything else?"

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