Sunday, March 20, 2005

Traveller's Misconceptions

I was quizzing Michael this evening after supper about what we should bring on our trip to the Philippines. Michael figured out that "we should probably bring extra clothes." I asked him, "Will we need to bring soap too, to wash our clothes?"

He said, "Well, I think that they don't have washers and dryers."

Me, "Oh, they don't?"

The boy, "No, they still wash their clothes in the sea."

Michael also seems to be under the impression that part of our trip is going to be on a boat. This has come up the last few times I have talked to him about our coming trip, and I am not sure why he keeps thinking this is so.

I've only just remembered that the Philippines is on a different voltage than what we have here. I think it's 220v or something like that. I talked to Dad about it this afternoon and he thought it would be best for me to pick-up a power converter here to bring with us. So that's one more thing to add to my packing list.

The itinerary also indicates that the flight from Vancouver to Tokyo is going to be 9h 45m, so I am thinking that I ought to find a power converter that will plug into the sockets they have now in airplanes so I can plug in my laptop to keep Michael entertained for all that time. We're going economy, but I'm hoping they expect people to have laptops these days and provide power options. Otherwise we're stuck as I can run about 4-5 hrs on battery, but only about 1 hour if I'm using the DVD drive.


Gail said...

He's probably looked at the map, located the Philippines, and concluded that after seeing all the water and islands.

Allan said...

Perhaps that was so the first time, but I've explained that we're going by airplane and then we will drive.

Gail said...

99.9% sure you won't have a power point. Only Business Class and higher have them, on every airline. I haven't even seen them on regional flights in Business Class. Economy Class is too large to support the potential electricity needs.

Allan said...

Yeah, you're right. I checked JAL's site and they currently only offer a 'battery loan' service for passengers with laptops. As far as I can tell, this is only for Executive and 1st Class on major routes. Any routes into/out of Manila don't have this service.

OTOH - they now have little personal monitors available in all classes so you can watch tv, listen to music, or play video games. So maybe I won't have to worry about keeping Michael busy after all.

Gail said...

They have personal monitors on other trans-oceanic airlines like Cathay Pacific and BA. That's a major reason why I choose CX888/889 between Vancouver and New York. Those monitors are a godsend on the long-haul flights.

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