Sunday, March 20, 2005

Travel Plans Update

Good news. I found this site that has some good information about what to expect and plan for when travelling with electrical appliances and gadgets. I've discovered that the power supply for my laptop indicates that it can connect to AC 100 - 240v ~1.5A, 50-60Hz. So I won't need an adaptor for my laptop after all.

Aaaaaand I have to give Dell some credit since the mini-brick adaptor for my Axim X50v is also rated for AC 100 - 240v. Just like my 600m brick.

Question: what's the availability on AA batteries in the Philippines? I am going to bring along our Canon A60 digicam - Gail's old camera - and it runs on 4 AAs. We use energizer Nimh rechargeables and I've just confirmed that it is only rated for AC 120v.

More digging required I guess..

The plan right now is to bring my laptop - primarily to be able to download photos from the digicam, secondarily to be able to communicate with the home-team.

My friend Michael is currently in Patagonia, in the Southern-most town in the world. I know this because he MSN'd me from there. Yeah, they've got broadband there too. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to find an internet cafe in the Philippines that has broadband access.


Gail said...

Allan, AA batteries are available virtually EVERYWHERE, including the Philippines. The problem is, they're expensive to keep replacing.

What I would suggest is borrow a compact fast charger that can handle the higher voltage. All you would need is the plug adapter. If I were closer, I'd lend you mine, it charges in 1.5 hours, and it's only a little bit larger than the battery compartment. Since you have two digicams, it might be worth getting another charger, anyway.

Allan said...

Hmmm .. thanks for the tip. If it's true that AAs are everywhere, surely it is reasonable to assume that I will be able to find a Nimh charger while I'm there for the batteries I am taking along?

Gail said...

But even if you buy a NiMH charger while you're there, when you bring it home you'll be using a plug adapter all the time for it. The better situation is vice versa.

The Philippines, like the rest of Asia, is electronics-mad. But there are better ways to spend your time there than go shopping. You'll probably end up doing some shopping, anyway, but you know what it's like to go "purpose-shopping" -- that's the time when you can't find what you want, or it takes a long time.

Anonymous said...

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