Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Big day for Melissa

Melissa couldn't find her ballet slippers
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The preschool ballet I class recital. Melissa was just happy we made it there even though her ballet slippers and skirt didn't. We were running late and they were dropped en route from the door to the van.

It was cute chaos. The little girls rearranged themselves regularly, got mixed up regularly, quite a few keep runnning over to their parents - some in excitement - some in tears.

Babies fussing in the audience - 1 of them Megan. Maribeth didn't make much noise at all - she just focused on repeated escapes from the stroller and me.

Melissa was thrilled to have us there to watch her and take photos and "lots of video". The younger M's usually present enough of a distractoin that we drop Melissa off at class and head over to the library.

Melissa is finally growing and as she pointed out - her leotard is getting too small - the long sleeves are now 3/4 length so I have promised her a new outfit for her next class. Preschool Ballet II - which starts next month.

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