Saturday, March 26, 2005

Children's choir concert

children's choir
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I was embarrased to death today by Michael and Maddy. Of the two, Michael was worse - pushing and shoving children next to him no matter where I tried to stand him. (Yes - I kept having to go up there and phyically move him away from other children.) Plus he created a distraction with some kids shoving back, others fussing, and other ones stopping singing to hiss, "MICHAEL! NO! STOP THAT!"

He also took off some of Maddy's costume against her will. AND he continued to walk up front to play with and make silly noises into the microphone during off and on.

Maddy was just a ham as usual. Racing around from one part of the choir to another, getting her shoes off and then crying about it, yelling "MY SHOE IS OFF!", jumping up and down in front of the projector lights, and making silly faces.

At one point Maddy was on my lap and Michael was playing with the mike and ignoring my gestures and whispers to "stop that!" Maddy darted from my lap straight up to Michael and pushed him away from the microphone saying loudly into it, "MICHAEL. YOU STOP THAT NOW!" before tearing off to jump in front of the projector light again.

To top it all off, Maddy took off in the chaos at the very end of the service and when I found her she was running around the foyer wearing only a soggy, half off diaper.

Ahh well - I got all sorts of comments about how adorable she was. Melissa was mortified - but was consoled with an overnight trip to Gumpa's house.

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