Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No title tonight

Just some random updates.

1st of all - exercsing 3-4x/week at Curves for 1 month has had the effect of inducing a 2 lb weight GAIN. The Curves staff member looked concerned briefly before proclaming definitely (but still in an encouraging tone), "this is actually really common .. umm .. you haven't gained FAT .. you've gained MUSCLE and once you gain more muscle - then your metabolism will increase, and then you can lose weight."

I give them points for emotional support, but I discount their theory in part due to my own knowlege of my diet (specifically, my lack of diet management) over the past month, which included, but was not limited to, the indiscreet consumption of half a pound of fudge the night before weigh-in.

In my own defense, after weigh-in I set the M's loose on the other half pound. All of which which brings me to the our next subject:

Baby Chocoholics

That's right. Who knew? The twins are fans of fudge. They had fudge for breakfast with their oatmeal, fudge for snack-time, fudge after lunch, fudge before supper, and finally fudge after supper.

They watched as I stashed it in the cupboard above the dishwasher and then crawled over to the dishwasher to beg for more fudge. When the fudge was "all gone," they burst into tears together and it took frozen cherry bits to console them.

The truth is that chocolate is not new to the twins: Maddy fed them Oreo cookies months ago - on a Friday when Gumpa had M1 and M2 out of the house. I came down from doing laundry to discover Maddy and the twins covered in Oreo crumbs on the kitchen floor.

I asked, "What is going on?"

Maddy answered, "Babies having their snack - they made me eat them."


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Still, it has only been over the past couple weeks that the twins have developed a finely honed chocolate radar. No one in the house can get out ANYTHING chocoate (chocolate milk, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice-cream) without first one twin and then the other making a surprise appearence, and of course who can resist cute twin baby girls who are supposed to eat "high calorie" foods. What is more high calorie than chocolate anyway?

In other news today, Maribeth the "technobaby", thwarted Gumpa's attempt at surfing the web. Specifically, Attie Gail's blog and flickr sites.

I attempted to show him the sites and how to navigate around them while he was here today but the older M's had their own agenda:

"HEY - Look - that's us a long, long time ago when we were little."

"That's MY birthday."

"I wanna see the rat video - Gumpa show us the rat video!"

"Mommy, write something to Auntie Gail for me."

.. and on and on.

After posting a couple comments online on behalf of the kids - I evicted them from our office so Gumpa could have a turn to catch up on the life and photography of Attie Gail.

As I was booting them out, I explained, "Michael - yes, you can play the Franklin game. Melissa - no you can't go online right now because your machine isn't connected to the interent (or the network either for that matter). Yes - Melissa, Grandmommy is bringing a 'new' computer with her and you can go to the CBC kids website then because it will have a wireless network card so it can be on our network and online without running a cable."

Melissa answered, "Yay - I can't wait for wireless! I'm going to go on the CBC kid's site and the Veggie Tales site and look at pictures online..."

The look on Gumpa's face at THAT exchange was - well - priceless. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment. He looked so proud of the kids.

So Gumpa was reading and clicking away until Maribeth got into the office. She did her mouse swiping trick (she pulls the mouse cord until the mouse falls down onto the floor where she is) and navigated Gumpa to an investement advice site online.

Gumpa said, "I lost it" (meaning Gail's site) and then tried picking up Maribeth off the floor. I offered to re-find the webpages - but he said, "That's o.k., she has a lot there. I don't think I can read it all today."

Then he added, "even her cousin said that she couldn't look at everything Gail sends her."

We are planning to send over the Pentium 400 CPU to Gumpa's to replace the Pentium 75 that he currently has. It's still outdated - but a lot faster.

The Big News

We are several thousand dollars more broke, but we have the actual tickets for the Phillipines trip!!! It is actually going to happen: I admit to having my skeptical moments over the past few months. Still, both Allan and Michael now have passports and tickets.

Also it is going to be like living in a revolving door around here for a while:

  • It looks like Alvin may be coming out for the long weekend.
  • My mother has a ticket to come here while Allan and Michael are gone.
  • Then Ally is flying out the end of April.
  • Rumor also has it that Attie Gail may make an appearance in the next couple months and that both my parents may come out for a visit towards the end of the year.

Last comment for tonight: NEVER let a little boy watch "Pollyanna."

A girl will watch that movie and learn that sneaking out windows is a BAD plan because Pollyanna fell and got injured. Small boys on the other hand, get ideas more along the lines of "don't wear a dress when climbing out your window!"

I caught Michael tonight, an hour after he had been put to bed, in dayclothes, with his fleece and shoes on, attempting to open and exit his bedroom window. To go WHERE and do WHAT - I don't know. What would a 4 year old be sneaking out at 9:30pm at night in the rain be planning on DOING anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell I grew up with brothers?

My first thought when I read that a bedroom window opens onto the garage roof was to wonder how long it would take before someone tried climbing out...