Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter Loot

Still have to fill the eggs to hide for the egg hunt
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I'm making up for last year's Easter with a bang. The children were promised Easter "surprises" as a reward for participation in the choir, special musics and so on and this year the loot box just grew and grew. I'm really happy with how they turned out so I thought I should get photos before the children see them.

I despise that easter grass so this year I ordered playsilks instead from Candace of The Fairy's Whim - a mama I've been on message boards with back since before Melissa was born.

In addition to the playsilks and the usual chocoate rabbits and candy - here's what they are getting:
  • Melissa - new pink dance outfit, pink leather ballet slippers, pink tights, easter stickers
  • Michael - Toy car, assorted plastic bugs, stickers
  • Madeleine - stickers, Easter Dress by Katie of Everything Patchy with a tiny mouse pad or coaster thingy
  • Megan - Duck bath puppet, barrettes, spring soft shoes (like Robeez)
  • Maribeth - Frog bath puppet, barrettes, spring soft shoes (like Robeez)

So now I have to fill the plastic eggs with chocoate eggs and jellybeans (plus I have some stickers to decorate the plastic eggs with). I've boiled real eggs that Maddy and Michael will help me decorate tomorrow morning.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming over for lunch with Melissa and we'll do the egg hunt and baskets then. Allan is going to roast a chicken too. So it should be a good Easter Sunday.

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